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pdf Army National Convention Program, 1/27/84 (Archived) Popular

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National Convention Program
1 . P U R P O S E . This regulation establishes the policy , responsibilities, and procedures governing the US Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) National Convention Program.
2 . SCOP E . This regulation is applicable to all elements of this Command and to both the Regular Army (RA) and the US Army Reserve (USAR) recruiting effort.
3. POLICY. It is the policy of this Command to conduct effective sales promotion programs that sup- port the Army recruiting mission. The National Convention/Exhibit Program is a sales promotion acti- vity that can, with proper emphasis, appreciably enhance the recruiting effort. USAREC participation in civilian sponsored conventions/exhibitions provides our recruiting managers a dynamic forum and unique opportunity to meet , in a concentrated period of time , key decision makers , centers of influence (COI), opinion leaders, and prospects. - pdf

pdf Delayed Entry and Delayed Training Program (Archived) Popular

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DEPHistory. This UPDATE printing publishes a revised regulation which is effective 15 August 2002. Summary. This regulation prescribes policies and procedures for the management of HQ USAREC DEP and DTP enlistees from the time of enlistment into the DEP or DTP until the member accesses into the RA or enters IADT. It provides standardization of DEP and DTP followup, DEP and DTP briefings, and policy for DEP and DTP functions. Efficient, more responsive DEP and DTP management will assist in achieving mission accomplishment and precluding and/or reducing DEP and DTP losses caused by recruiter-influenced factors. It also provides a source of suggested methods and ideas for improving DEP and DTP retention - USAREC Regulation 601-95; 8/15/02

pdf Dictionary of Terms and Authorized Acronyms (old, but still useful) (Archived) Popular

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Dictionary of termsSummary. This pamphlet provides standard definitions, terminology, and authorized acronyms for use within the United States Army Recruiting Command.

This UPDATE pr int ing publ ishes a revised USAREC pamphlet. Because of the extensive changes made, no attempt has been made to highlight changes from previous edition. - USAREC Pamphlet 25-31; 5/6/96 - pdf

default DOD Forms Management Program Popular

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Department of Defense
Forms Management Program

pdf Education Enlistment Credentials (Archived) Popular

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USAREC Regulation 601-101USAREC Regulation 601-101; 11/30/98

pdf Educators/Centers of Influence Tour Program (Archived) Popular

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USAREC Regulation 601-81USAREC Regulation 601-81; 10/1/01

pdf GAO Report on Military Recruiter Misconduct Popular

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GAO report recruiter misconduct.pdf

The Government Accounting Office has documented more than 6,000 cases of recruiter misconductThe Government Accounting Office has documented more than 6,000 cases of recruiter misconduct.

pdf Guidance Counselor Procedures (i.e., Army enlistment processing staff, not high school counselors) Popular

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USAREC Regulation 601-96USAREC Regulation 601-96; 4/30/05

pdf Index of MEPCOM forms Popular

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pdf Management of Centers of Influence Events, 1/31/97 Popular

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USAREC Regulation 1-18USAREC Regulation 1-18

pdf Montgomery GI Bill, Army College Fund, and Loan Repayment Program Popular

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USAREC Regulation 621-1USAREC Regulation 621-1; 11/30/98

pdf No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Popular

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pdf Partnership for Youth Success Program (PAYS) Popular

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USAREC Pamphlet 601-33; 10/31/05


pdf Postsecondary Schools Recruiting Program Popular

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USAREC Regulation 601-104USAREC Regulation 601-104; 2/28/05

pdf Prohibited and Regulated Activities (for recruiters), 1/31/91 Popular

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USAREC Regulation 600-25
USAREC Regulation 600-25

pdf Recruiting Battalion Education Services Specialist Handbook Popular

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USAREC Pamphlet 601-30USAREC Pamphlet 601-30; 9/9/97

pdf Recruiting Improprieties Policies and Procedures Popular

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USAREC Regulation 601-45USAREC Regulation 601-45

pdf Recruiting Incentive Rewards (i.e., rewards for recruiters) Popular

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USAREC Regulation 672-10USAREC Regulation 672-10; 2/28/02


pdf Recruiting Incentive Rewards (i.e., rewards for recruiters) Popular

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USAREC Regulation 672-10; 2/28/02 - PDF

pdf Recruiting Operations Popular

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USAREC Manual 3-0USAREC Manual 3-0; April, 2005

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