Peace Action Montgomery

Peace Action Montgomery
Contact Person: Pat Elder
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 Bethesda  Maryland
Tel: 202-210-3467 Zipcode: 20817


Organizational Base:

non student community based

 Work Issues:

  • Alternatives to the military ASVAB
  • College Counter recruitment Work
  • Conscientious Objection
  • Equal Access for Counter recruitment
  • Opt Out NCLB recruiting list
  • Pentagon Database JAMRS
  • Limiting Recruiter Access to Schools
  • Recruiting Vans mobile exhibits
  • Do you offer CR trainings
  • School Board Policies and Accountability Monitoring

General Counter Recruitment Education



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NNOMYnews reports on the growing intrusions by the Department of Defense into our public schools in a campaign to normalize perpetual wars with our youth and to promote the recruitment efforts of the Pentagon.


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Your donation to NNOMY works to balance the military's message in our public schools. Our national network of activists go into schools and inform youth considering military service the risks about military service that recruiters leave out.